My Home Office

I’ve been working from home for over a year now and thought it could be helpful to share my home office setup. My first stint working from home was a disaster, mainly because I didn’t invest in an actual office. I learned from that lesson and am now truly able to enjoy the remote life while keeping a decent balance.

My desk faces the doors to the office and allows me to look around and see my daughter throughout the day.
Steelcase Leap chair
I keep my whiteboard to my immediate right, so I can jot down notes during meetings.
Towards the back of the office is my lounge chair where I will read or taking calls from.
The small stand keeps a few art pieces and my Sonos which I use throughout the day.


Standing Mat

Balance Board


Desk Accessories


Web Camera

Laptop Holder





As I stated at the start of the post, my first attempt at working from home resulted in complete failure. My anxiety shot through the roof, I found myself working all the time, never taking breaks and was generally miserable. On my second attempt, I made a sizable investment in having a real office filled with things that made me happy and comfortable.

It was important for me to have a clear divide between work and home, so I could keep balance. A lot of my office items weren’t cheap, but I very much take care of the things I buy and fully expect to keep them for many years to come. Today, I am happy to say that work stays in the office and rarely, if ever, do I take my laptop anywhere else in the house.